Saltwater Fishing in SW FL-Naples, Bonita, Ft. Myers Beach

                                  Fishbuster Charters, Bonita Beach, FL

                                               Cap't Dave Hanson

                                        "They hatch 'em--We catch 'em!"

                                        Who Ya Gonna Call? Fishbuster!

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Click on any species link below to view pics of that particular species. Click on recent pics to see a variety of catches over the past several months.
Ok, so the blue runner bit a shrimp and
 the grouper bit the blue runner--food chain!
Sailfish! But it was caught in the Keys on a personal trip.
blue angel fish
This mahi mahi (dolphin) was caught in the Keys,but in a rare instance, the one below was caught in local waters.
bluefish-we catch a few
This blue crab bit a hook!
Gafftop sail cat-not a fisherman's favoritebut fun to catch
Lady fish are common, but this one is large.
Porkfish are common too, but this is an exceptionally large one.
A 3-foot Trumpetfish
Remoras suction themselves to shark and other large this case, to little kids' faces and fingers!
Atlantic spade fish
Rock Beauty-lives in the rocks-pretty!
Moonfish, also known as look-downs
Mother-in-law fish
Big (21-inch) white margates
Normally, we use pinfish for bait...but this one bit a shrimp, and measured 13 inches!
Caught a starfish on a hook!
Sightings: left to right, bat rays circling, pilot whales stranded off New Pass, a manatee surfacing, and a sea turtle.
Your guess is as good as ours???? Our expert saysit is a hermit crab, stripped of its outer covering.
Huge pinfish,14 1/2 inches, bit a shrimp
21-inch yellow jack (unusual)
23-inch sail-cat, with close-up
Wow, this little guy decided to join us while we were fishing!
5-pound  sail-cat
Atlantic spade fish
spade fish
black sea bass
24-inch guitarfish
spade fish
spade fish
4-pound bluefish
Mantis shrimp
scorpion fish-prickly!